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God Makes The Ordinary Extraordinary

Sermon, August 28, 2016

God Makes The Ordinary Extraordinary


Dear Luke Family and Friends,

As you are well aware, our Sanctuary and Church offices were one of the many that flooded. We wanted to let everyone know a few things:
• Our church office business & financial operations have moved temporarily to Leaps and Bounds Gym, 30113 Eden Church Rd, Denham Springs.
• The church phone number is forwarded to Pastor Leslie’s cell phone
• Worship will be on Sundays at 9 am at Leaps and Bounds Gym

We are SO GRATEFUL to Greg and Michelle Lavergne ( Leaps and Bounds) for donating space to us so we can worship together as a church family and for us to have office space to handle church & financial business.

Please continue to keep everyone in your prayers during this time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!!


Love Being Real, All The Time

Sermon, August 21, 2016

Love Being Real, All The Time

Noah or Moses?


A Letter From Leslie

To my beloved Luke family –

It’s a strange and foreign time. Life as we know it stands at bay.

We are weary.   Our bodies ache. Our hearts hurt. Our eyes glaze with the overwhelming tasks before us.

But I know each and every one of us. We are lovers. Lovers of a God who gives us strength when we have none left. Lovers of people who feel exhausted,. irritable, and oppressed. Lovers of life when we are surrounded by death.

We choose to press on. We choose to push through. We choose to look at what stands before us, face it head on, and give it all we’ve got.

As your pastor, I’ve seen you do it over and over and over again, and I watch in awe and admiration as you do it right now.

This Sunday, August 21

we will gather for renewed strength and resolve

as we worship our empowering God and fellowship with our life-giving friends

at Leaps and Bounds

30113 Eden Church Road

from 9:00 – 10:00 am.

Coffee, fresh fruit and doughnuts will be served.

Bring a fellow traveler.

Beth Lawson will be working with the children.

Lonnie has been given a powerful word from the Lord to share with us.

James Adam will sing us to the Throne of Grace.

And we will leave as a renewed and refreshed people.

With so much love in my heart for each and every one of you,

Pastor Leslie

Musical Equipment

Here’s a picture from our music closet.  Gratefully, many of our instruments were up on the Altar and did not receive any water damage.  However, this closet did store the equipment that the students of our Young Artists’ Academy use on the weekends 🙁

Music Closet

Music Closet

Breaking Bread Together

The altar was prepared. We celebrated communion with the Lord, our God. We give thanks for how He cares for us all.


Loving Strangers

The following was posted on Facebook by a man who was out in his boat searching for and rescuing people in need during the flood …


“I find it funny in a strange way that I find this sign sticking out of the water this morning. Luke 10:25-37 tells of the good Samaritan, and verse 27 says: ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.’

“The last line is what gets me. After all the devastation of people losing everything, the amount of love I’ve seen in this time of need from complete strangers is astonishing. People donating clothes, food, time, their homes, bringing boats in for search and rescue efforts because it’s the right thing to do; restores some of my faith in humanity and strengthens my faith in a higher power, plus its kinda trippy how appropriate a random sign can be. Here recently it’s been nothing but division, tension, and hatred on facebook, and I think this disaster was exactly what our state needed for people to forget their differences and come together as a family, and from what I’ve seen and experienced these past 2 days, we did just that. Anyway, I’m going to bed, gonna try and do more search and rescue when daylight comes, I just wanted to share the picture of the sign and how fitting it is at the moment.

“Side note: all of the people I’ve seen today were solid guys/gals and I’d give them a bid, JS.”

Before The Flood


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