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First sheet of rock on the walls


So, I’m thinking you may like some updates as to where Luke is in the rebuild/restore process. While we are in the waiting mode as far as any major decisions go, this week we have been given the gift of a mission team from EMC Charities ( The waiting mode is due to the fact that we do not have numbers from our insurance company or from our contractors in order to determine what our priorities will be in the restoration process.

Yet, from this gift we have received, groups have gone out to some of the homes of those affected by the flood and torn out cabinets & walls, taken large quantities of debris to the street, and listened to stories while praying for each of the families they have served.

In the church building, projects are underway as well. Most notably has been hanging sheetrock in the front portion of the church so that the LANDers can safely enter and head upstairs to the classrooms once we can get the program started up again. Here’s praying for mid to late October.

Outside of the reconstruction of the church building and the church office, there are a few other projects that remain to be taken care of.

Deconstruction of Church Building:
1. Other than behind the baptismal, all sheetrock has been removed from the church.
2. The altar is still in process of being disassembled. This is being done so that we can clean the floors underneath the altar.
3. The floors have begun to be cleaned but still need quite a bit of work.

Deconstruction of Church Office:
1. There are still some walls that need removing in the office.
2. All floors need to be torn out.

Deconstruction of Youth House:
1. Complete

Deconstruction of Blue Shed (Old Food Pantry):
1. Complete

Reconstruction of Youth House:
1. Install subflooring
2. Install insulation
3. Install sheetrock

Reconstruction of Blue Shed:
1. Clean out dirt
2. Install insulation
3. Install walls

1. The shed in the far back of the property needs to be emptied and items taken to the roads while there is still pick up happening. Word is that there will only be one more pickup & therefore this needs to be done soon.
2. Porch needs to be pressure washed
3. Bridge needs to be reset
4. Wooden fence at back of property needs to be repaired

We are so totally grateful for all of the support that has been coming our way in the form of prayers, hands & feet, and finances! We just can’t say thank you enough and without a doubt, we give all of the glory to God who is our provider and our constant strength.

Blessings to all of you on this glorious day!


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