Faith and Trust

A Learning at Luke…… By Jenn Bull Recently, my husband asked me what I thought the difference was between trust and faith.  Being an introvert who often goes away and processes things for a while (it’s been over a month) I didn’t answer right away.  I have pondered the question a few times and am not sure I have completely come up with the answer but I love the question. The way we speak about trust and faith is similar but I also see a distinct difference.  We say, “I trust you” or “I have faith in you.”  Both are declarations that only we have the authority to speak yet one (trust) points to something more specific than the other (faith).  I trust someone when, over time, they have shown me that they are sincere, reliable, and capable.  They really mean what they say, they have followed through in the past, and they have the skills necessary to do what they say they are going to do. Faith on the other hand points to something deeper.  While they may not have shown sincerity, reliability, and/or competence in the past, I have faith that it is within them.  “I trust you” simply says what it says.  “I have faith in you” attempts to draw something out that thus far has been unseen.  Trust cannot exist without faith, yet, faith can exist without trust. This is because faith is a gift from God.  It is that place within us that goes to the heart and often does not make logical sense.  It is often a challenge to explain our faith.  It simply exists but wrapping our minds around it can be a daunting task. When we have faith in someone or something, that faith comes from the light within us that sees the potential in the other and is not dependent on the past.  Faith looks to the future possibilities.  It goes to the heart and takes us out of our heads.  When a parent continually makes room for a child to mess up it is because in the heart of the parent, the potential for the child exists.  The light within the parent is trying to interact with the light within the child. This is also the distinction that creates the grey lines (and the grey hair) between when to let our children fall again and when to carry them.  Knowing which one to choose depends on whether we are choosing from the head or the heart.  Sometimes, it’s from both. Help us, Lord God, to follow Your guidance in our dealings with faith and trust. Make us sensitive to the light within ourselves and those around us.  From there, help us to act accordingly.  We adore You, O Christ, and place our faith and trust in You.  Amen.

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