Holy Happening: Row Row Row Your Boat Roughly UP The Stream


A Holy Happening by Buddy Johnson



Row Row Row Your Boat Roughly Up The Stream


Yep, that pretty much sums me up. Thank God, I finally had one of those holy moments. As I took time to pray, Monday a.m., or should I say took time to tell God what I was gonna do, vividly & brightly, I was clearly shown what our brother Lonnie’s sermon the day before, was supposed to mean to me. Since the Great Flood, when I would attend to pray, I would tell God what I was gonna try to do, and would He please help me out. Then as Lonnie’s words of wisdom were clearly shown to me, I was able to finally ask God, what “He” wanted me to do. I instantly was filled with a peace that I think Christians can only understand. I honestly feel for the first time since the flood, that I can take it one day at a time and not feel so over-whelmed. I know there will be some bumpy roads, but with my new found plate of armor, I know things are gonna be ok.

Buddy J.


To watch the sermon referred to above click here.



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