Holy Happenings #2


A Holy Happening by Beth Lawson



Holy happened yesterday. In an ordinary parking lot of an extraordinarily dry housing complex. An old, rattling, white pickup truck pulled up to the back of my Prius, the only car in the lot…

”Excuse me ma’am,” the driver said, “Do you know where the office is?” “Oh, we don’t have one here on site,” I said, “there was one…but it was in Denham…and I’m certain it got water…Y’all got water?” “Yeah,” said the driver, “and somebody said there was some trailers over here we might could rent…”

“Man, I don’t even know where that would be,” I responded. “I can tell you everything past that road right there got water. And two bridges are out that way so don’t go there. And even right there across this street flooded too. You probably could go to the main road and start looking north or just keep going east…but I really don’t know…I’m sorry…I know I can pray though if that’s alright?…what’s y’all’s names?”

“I’m Tyeesha…and I’m Jamil.”

“Tyeesha and Jamil, what’s the best way I can pray for y’all?”

“…we just need a spot,” said Tyeesha.

“Ok,” I said, “Then let’s pray right now…Father Almighty, this little white truck is heading out looking for a dry spot. In the power of Your Holy Spirit, shed Your Light on the path in front of Tyeesha and Jamil and lead them to the place You would have them stay…in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen.”

Friends, as we work and play today, let’s pray … for Tyeesha and Jamil and so many others who “just need a spot” …Lord, in Your mercy, keep shedding Your extraordinary Light on ordinary safe shelters…We love You, thank You, and praise You, even in the midst of this mess. Amen.

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