Holy Happenings: God is Good


A Holy Happening by Tiffany Summers


At lunch today, my friend and I were running errands. We stopped at Walgreens, and as we pulled into the parking lot, we saw a young man helping an elderly woman into her car. The woman was white and dressed very conservatively, and the young man was African American wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a backwards hat. I say that only to paint a picture of what we saw and how we noticed that these two were not a couple and probably not related. So when we saw this young man, we were in awe of his kindness toward this woman. Unfortunately it’s not something we see everyday. As I got out of the vehicle and walked inside, I wanted to find this young man and tell him how awesome we thought he was, but he was nowhere to be found.

After work, I picked up Landry and was headed to pick up Mackie. As we drove down O’Neal Lane, I saw a young man with a gas can walking down the road. It was the same young man! I drove down and followed him to the gas station. I pulled in, parked, and told Landry to quickly get out and follow me. I shouted, “Excuse me…excuse me, sir!” He turned around and I asked if he was at Walgreens earlier today. He looked nervous and cautious (understandably so). I explained that I had seen him help the elderly woman and wanted to let him know how wonderful he was! I asked if I could buy his gas. He smiled and looked relieved. He explained that he ran out of gas before he could get to the gas station, and asked him I could bring him back to his vehicle. (As he walked inside to pay for his gas, I explained to Landry that normally mommy doesn’t give rides to strangers, and Daddy would probably think mommy was crazy for stopping…) When he was finished pumping his gas, he climbed into the vehicle and said, “God is good! He sees everything you do. You are a blessing.” I told him that he had obviously been a blessing to that woman and I just wanted to follow his example! Let us all learn to be kind to strangers and love our neighbors!

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