It’s Twenty Minutes, Lord

It tastes better than a cup of coffee,  a glass of warm milk,  or a hot fudge sundae with nuts and whipped cream. A couple of nights ago I realized regretfully that I had forgotten to attend our Study/Prayer Group.  Totally bummed I continued the myriad of tasks before me as a gnawing anx began tugging at my soul.  Breaking away from my ‘to do’s’, I went outside to walk and wonder.  “What is it God?  What do you want me to hear?”   A spiritual practice came to mind from a recent reading.  Centering Prayer. The early desert mother and fathers (ie. 4th century women and men monks who totally captivate my admiration) practiced contemplative prayer as a lifestyle.  Today centering prayer provides a means to encounter their transforming experience. I’ve heard about it.  But never tried it. That  night I tried it. No amount of M&Ms and Diet Coke could have brought the peace and pleasure I experienced in 20 amazing minutes. Recognizing my complete lack of culinary skills this is one of the best recipes I could possibly share with you. Centering Prayer Serves:  one weary soul PRESET a timer for 20 minutes CHOOSE one of the words below or your own sacred word of one or two syllables. God, Abba, Jesus, Mary, peace, shalom, prayer, love, stillness, joy … SIT comfortably with eyes closed. and silently, slowly repeat your word. WHEN a “thought, feeling, impression, memory or external stimulus attracts your attention gently return to the sacred word…as if the word were a feather floating softly onto a pillow.”                                                                      (The Tree of Life, Models of Christian Prayer) SPEAK slowly the Lord’s Prayer at the end of the twenty minutes. YIELDS: one refreshed, centered soul submitted to the Holy Spirit It’s twenty minutes, Lord.  It feels impossible.   Stir in our hearts a way to do what doesn’t seem doable as we seek to be what we haven’t been for Your glory.   We adore You, O Christ, now and forever.

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