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Spiritual Formation of Children




“A parable: A seed sits in the soil of the ground. Insistently, a root cracks its coat and crawls deep into the cool earth, producing more and more tentacles of growth. Slowly, but surely an unrelenting sprout peeks its green head above the earth. Unaware of the gift of new life happening in their midst, people pursue their busy days.

Every day the gift of new life happens around us. Every day children, ages newborn to twelve, take root and stand ready to be for each of us a bright, revitalizing gift. Daily agendas, old habits, lack of knowledge, and preconceived notions fill our demanding days, and life-giving growth can easily go unnoticed.

When Jesus drew a young child to his side and said to his disciples, “Unless you change and become like these young children, you will not enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:3),” He was giving a clear directive. Value children. Learn from children. Embrace them as co-travelers in your journey of learning to love Me and one another.”

                        Leslie Akin, Spiritual Formation of Children




What can I expect from
children’s ministry at Luke 10:27?

You can expect your child to experience spiritual formation at Luke 10:27. Spiritual formation of children is best defined as “a process of God being with children and children being with God so that children can become more like Jesus.”[1]





How will this happen?

1. Innately, children are amazing teachers of awe, wonder, empathy, trust, dependency, generosity, and play. It is an intentional goal at Luke 10:27 Church for all people to seize every opportunity to learn from our children and to pray for our children.

2. The primary responsibility for nurturing children’s spirituality rests at home. Subsequently, we will be doing whatever we can to support you. If you would like to initiate a dialogue, please contact our children’s pastors, Leslie Akin or Marsha Boutte, 664-1027.

3. My Father’s House: The children’s area is located upstairs, above the foyer and is called My Father’s House. It consists of four rooms: (1) The Sacred Story Room: learning the holy scriptures through Godly Play, (2) The Treasury: learning how to treasure what God treasures, i.e. the fruit of the Spirit, music, the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, (3) The Holy Mystery Room: learning about Holy Communion, Baptism, the Incarnation and Resurrection, and (4) The Missionary Room: learning to go out and serve others in love.

4. When do we meet? Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:50 and Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30pm (supper is served from 6-6:30).

5. By December, 2018, the children will have the opportunity to retell 15 bible stories, memorize 15 scripture verses from January to July and 15 more from July to December. They will also memorize The Apostle’s Creed , The Lord’s Prayer and the books of the bible.

6. During worship every Sunday morning the children will be given an activity pamphlet that coincides with the sermon to work on during church and to begin discussion at home.

7. We are deeply grateful for the privilege of being with your child.


[1] Akin, Leslie, Spiritual Formation of Children

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