Rory’s Learning . . . Ownership I like people who rent. Please do not assume that I do not like people who own…that’s certainly not the case. The truth is that none of us really own anything…well, except one thing but I’ll get to that later. People who rent have a sense of freedom from their stuff. Whatever it is they are renting…they can look at it and be like “hey stuff…guess what, you don’t control me”. Need an example? Okay…here we go. In a few seconds I’m about to make you feel, with only two words, absolutely carefree. When you read these simple two words your mind will be at ease, your spirits will rise, and a sense of freedom will instill in your soul……………rental car. How many times have you heard “it’s okay it’s only a rental.” Or a human being is actually stepping up to drive a group of other human being’s somewhere, with a big toothy human being smile, saying “Guys don’t worry I’d be happy to drive! It’s a rental!” Then all the other human beings are now smiling too, because they do not have to drive the cars they think they own…everyone’s smiling  Now stop. You’re having too much fun. I’ve got to bring you back to earth. Way too much smiling…in a few seconds, I’m going to give you another word that will put you back at your desk. One word that’ll bring you to reality, cause a little crick in your neck, tighten your collar a bit, and add some sweat to your brow……………mortgage. Ugh, yeah, I feel like I need to get up and stretch a bit. Mortgage sounds like Mordred…or the kingdom of Mordor or even Mortal. How morbid. The more I feel like I own something…the more that thing actually owns me. I was watching Andy Stanley the other night, and he said something I really dug. “I never buy anything that I feel like I couldn’t lend to someone else.” Wow! I started thinking…hey I could let that person borrow this and that… I was getting a real sense of ‘alright! My stuff doesn’t own me!’ Then ironically I looked back at the TV Andy was on and thought…if someone came in right now, and asked to borrow my only TV…I’d say no. Yeah…I’m still dealing with that one. I also really like how Jesus deals with the issue of ownership. There was this super rich ruler who asked Jesus what he needed to do to get into heaven? Jesus said just do what God tells you. The ruler said, I do all those things but what else? So Jesus said sell all of your possessions; give everything to the poor and come follow me. The rich ruler couldn’t go there and left. Right there, the heart of it…the one thing I actually own! Choice. I do not own stuff, I either outlive my stuff or it outlives me. I do not own my name…probably 1 maybe 2 generations after I die, my name will most likely be gone from this planet. Eventually all names fade. The only thing I own is what I choose to do now. On the surface it may seem cruel to ask what Jesus asked of the rich ruler…but think about it for a second. Jesus didn’t say, okay sell everything you own…bring it back here, give it to me and I’ll take care of you. Or, sell everything you own, give it to me and I’m going to equally disperse it among my disciples and we are going to fund this really cool new movement! Jesus didn’t choose the ruler’s money……………Jesus chose the ruler. Jesus doesn’t want our money, he wants us. Jesus knows the only thing we own, is our choice.  How we choose to give…how we choose to love…how we chose to live…how we choose people over stuff……………I need to go back and rethink the whole TV thing. In he who chooses me, Rory

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