Play With God

It was a Freudian slip.  An error in speech due to an unconscious wish. His prayer during our worship service  was coming to an end.  “in the name of Jesus we play.  Amen.” We play?! I love it!  Praying is playing with God.  Wow!  That’s no Freudian slip.  That’s divine revelation. God wants to play with us. I’ve prayed with prayer shawls and  prayer books,   but never with play dough.  The unconventional thought  seeped into my soul. Pray with play dough?   Preposterous.   Call out to God with a crayon?  Absurd.   Seek the Lord  in sand?  Strange. But not according to recent research in the field of Social Sciences .  Studies of the brain prompt Neuropsychologist R. Joseph to say, “The limbic system (of the brain) may well be the seat of the soul or may serve as the neuro transmitter to God.”   We are wired to connect with God.  Creative arts  heighten that connection by offering  a “slow-paced setting conducive to reflection.”   John Berryman, author of Godly Play, encourages us to be in the presence of Godly laughter.  “Godly laughter,” writes Berryman, “is that of creation and play.” So, here’s to pink play dough, a pack of colored pencils, a sack of sand and a box of crayons. Teach us to pray, Lord.  Teach us to play. . . . . with You! We adore You, O Christ, now and forever.  Amen.

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