Taking a Double Take at Double Tape

A Learning at Luke . . . Taking a Double Take at Double Tape by:  Kevin Acord Last Saturday I decided to attend the Fall on Your Knees class being offered at our church through October.  I was expecting to learn something about prayer, but little did I know, I was in for much, much more. Ms. Leslie brought pieces of paper with various thoughts on prayer for us to put into the notebooks we brought with us.   She was even thoughtful enough to bring several rolls of Scotch tape for us to use to put the papers into our notebooks.  When I got my roll I noticed that it was double sided tape.  I immediately thought, “I can’t use this, it’s double sided tape; it will make the sheets in my notebook stick together!”  My next thought was, “Classic, Ms. Leslie!” In that fond, warm, yet patronizing kind of way I all too often think and speak.  As soon as there was a break in the teaching, I passed the roll back to Ms. Leslie and asked for another while pointing out the silliness of trying to use double sided tape.  Ms. Leslie then said, “Yes, I handed that out so one side could stick to the back of the handout and the other could stick to the notebook.” Doing it that way never even crossed my mind.  I couldn’t believe I missed something that simple. Immediately, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Kevin, how many other times have you thought you did things the right way and judged someone?”  “What other areas in your life could you be stuck doing things a certain way?”  I guess it’s worth a double take.

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