The LANDers

The LANDers is an afterschool program for Elementary and Jr High latchkey kids.
The students learn about living on the land and other valuable life skills.
The LANDers

 What if every child knew they mattered?

What if every child had hope to grow on?

Children matter.
Each one is a unique gift from God.
Formed by God.
Known by God.
Even before they were born.
It breaks His heart when children
have to take care of children.
So, He birthed The LANDers —
a place where children can be children.
Nurtured by adults who love them.  Tutored. Fed.
Taught how to live Christ-like lives.
We invite you to support The LANDers by:
  • Enrolling a child in The LANDers
  • Providing a scholarship for a child
  • Teaching our precious LANDers a life lesson
  • Praying for The LANDers
  • Considering the possibility of implementing a LANDers program in your own church
If you want to help these amazing children or enroll
your own child(ren) into the LANDers, please contact us at:
536 Centerville NE
Denham Springs, LA 70706
To keep up with everything happening with the LANDers,
follow them on FaceBook at The LANDers at Luke 10:27


Director – Beth Lawson


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